My Inside-Out Journey!

How I’m Inspiring Others

Hi there, my name is Haley Knox.


I am a Holistic Nutritionist and Wellness speaker at InsideOut Health + Fitness. Nowadays, I inspire people with my recent journey to better health. I do this while educating people about real foods so they can live to be their healthiest and happiest self. On the outside, I help people lose weight, prepare for a race, or beat their personal best. On the inside, I help people improve their mental wellness.


I myself continue to battle with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), anxiety and bouts of depression. However, I am proud to say that I now have it under control. Through exercising, eating healthy, body and mind supporting moods and incorporating mindfulness, I have learned how to take control of my mental health and live a healthy, happy life with way more ups than downs.


My mental health & wellness journey began a few years ago…


Let me rewind a few years. I was unfit, physically and emotionally. Overall, I felt unhealthy and unhappy. I didn’t eat well and I certainly did not exercise.


I eventually got into fitness, which began by walking everyday for 20 minutes. Today, I now enjoy moving my body and along with walking I enjoy a mix of weights, circuit training, HIIT, and yoga 3-4 times a week.


When I first began exercising I had no idea how to properly fuel my body. I was working out often enough, but hadn’t address poor eating habits. There were times where I couldn’t really push myself while exercising because I fatigued easily, or I couldn’t reach the goals I wanted to. I also still had cellulite and abs hidden under a layer of that unwanted ‘stomach insulation’.


I eventually figured out what was going to be my difference maker. I had realized my efforts at the gym were not being maximized because I wasn’t fuelling my body correctly, and, I wasn’t supporting my body when I wasn’t exercising.


I began to pay more attention to what I put into my body.


I bought my first blender and began having a smoothie every morning. It was a small step but I was feeling better, I was more energized and felt more powerful during my workouts. I began to really pay attention to eating the right foods before and after my exercising as well as throughout the week.


What I didn’t realize was going to happen was I was going to find out that exercising consistently and eating foods that made me feel good, I was able to manage and greatly reduce my symptoms of my OCD, anxiety and depression…and I now help others do the same.


How I do this:


With exercise, you release endorphins and other feel good chemicals. You also support your lymphatic system which helps get rid of toxins that can be causing oxidative stress and free radical damage which affect your brain and your mood.


With diet, you can eat foods that make you feel good (whole foods), versus foods that leaving you feeling bad, anxious or low (fried, refined, sugary and processed foods).


I discovered how much better I felt when I chose to exercise and eat foods that made me feel good.


It’s a lifestyle, not a fad.


Through experience, I have found out that when I am not taking care of myself and my body, my mental health gets worse.


Along with exercise, I need to support my mental health with foods that are going to stabilize your blood sugar, support great gut health, and support your brain and your mood.

Thanks for reading my story! Please feel free to make this tasty mood supporting smoothie below. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have. I would to help you on your mental health journey.

Cheerful Sunrise Smoothie

*serves 1


  •       ¾ cups unsweetened almond milk or water
  •       1 tbsp ground flax seeds
  •       1 tbsp hemp seeds
  •       1 medium sized orange (peeled)
  •       ¾ cup frozen berries of choice
  •       1 cup spinach


Blend all ingredients together and enjoy!

By: Haley Knox,  InsideOut Registered Holistic Nutritionist


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