2018 Olympic Series Intro: The Performance State

Welcome to our Olympic blog series on ways to be inspired while pursuing your life goals. We will cover different topics that coincide with the 2018 Olympic Games in Pyeonchang, South Korea.

The performance of an Olympic athlete provokes a reaction of awe. It would be helpful to examine what all of us could learn from the Winter Olympic athletes and apply it to our routine and everyday life. Although very few of us will follow an extensive Olympic Training Program we can however, apply many of the mental, emotional and physical habits to benefit our growth, leading to a more focused and healthy life. This article will examine how by training like Olympians we can improve our own performance by setting worthwhile goals, creating effective daily habits, and achieving a focused state of mind when performing meaningful tasks.

Just like Olympians, we should all strive to set meaningful goals. Make your goal as specific as possible. For example, a specific goal may be to lose five pounds. Now sure, this goal can be objectively measured. Olympians regularly measure their progress and performance to make sure they are on track and moving forward. From there, work towards your goal in your daily life by setting small goals that will lead to the accomplishment of your outcome goal. Olympians become high performers by striving towards their outcome goal every day through proper nutrition, sleep habits, stress management, positive visualization and social support. Make sure you have a meaningful reason why you want to accomplish your goal. Do you want to lose five pounds to live a healthier life or do you want to lose it to look good for a special event? This is important because your reason for setting your goal is ultimately what will motivate and push you to perform at a higher level then you thought possible. Finally, set a realistic deadline to accomplish your goal. Although it is extremely important to be intrinsically motivated, that is being motivated by the sheer enjoyment of exercise, it is also helpful to find a someone that could help guide and push you to higher levels of performance than you thought possible. That is why trainers, mentors and coaches can off tools and guidance that are so important both for Olympians and for us!


A critical practice in training and adapting the habits of an Olympian is to get out of your comfort zone and attempt challenging tasks. If you spend your life taking the easy road you  become bored. However, if you set the bar higher with new experiences, advenutures, and, challenge yourself to grow chances are this will lead to a greater sense of accomplishment and a happier life. To master something we must practice, practice, practice and learn from your mistakes. Nevertheless, if you only do things you know you can achieve then difficult tasks will remain difficult and you will not develop the confidence to succeed.  


Another aspect of training like an Olympian is the concept of focus. When an Olympian is about to perform, the Olympian must put full trust in their training and themselves, clear the mind, lose all evaluative thoughts, leave all limiting emotions behind and become fully absorbed in the moment. We to can benefit from this mindset. When you step up to the stage to practice, leave all your limiting emotions at the door. When you are in the gym or performing an important task train yourself to have laser focus and by blocking everything else from your mind.


So even when becoming an olympic team member is not our goal, if we used these habits to become champions of our own lives we will most certainly win by becoming the best possible version of ourselves. See you on the podium!

By Thomas Stuglik


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