Whether we admit or not, humans are social by nature. Maybe that’s why  studies have shown that we train more efficiently and put more effort into our workouts when we have company. And according to Oxford University, the release of endorphins when we exercise with a partner is greater than when we train individually.   Other than the release of feel-good brain chemicals (an awesome bonus), here are some other reasons why your should train with your partner:

Spend more time together

You just spent a full day at the office, sat in traffic for an hour, only to finally get home to give your partner a kiss and go about your different activitIes. Today the family spends most of their time separated due to work, school, personal activities, etc. So after your own activities, instead of going to the gym alone, plan training time that fits your partner’s schedule. It’s a great way to spend quality time and share health goals with your partner. And who knows… maybe you both have the same goals in common!

The motivation


According to studies 94% of couples  stick to their exercise routines when they do it together. Getting support and encouragement from your partner is one of the best motivations that exist! Together you may find something you love, whether it is biking, climbing, marathons or swimming. Your combined motivation will keep the two of you consistent, while taking care of each other during the training time and after.




We all have exercises we prefer over others, and sometimes we neglect the areas of our body that we don’t particularly enjoy exercising. In a partnership, one person may favor cardio training, while the other could favor strength training. By working together, you can balance your exercise routine to include a variety of exercises that compliment both of your interest. By balancing your routine, you will experience harmony with your partner that could project to life outside the gym.

Feel confident & boost your sex drive


Physical exercise on a regular basis helps reduce stress, anxiety and depression. When you exercise together, you’ll walk away feeling awesome. And not only does exercise boost your self-esteem, confidence and promote psychological well-being, but couples who workout together report feeling more confident with their sexual performance. So why not give it a try!

Experience bonding & fall in love


When we go through a routine, like jumping rope or throwing a medicine ball back and forth, we synchronize our movements. This coordination is considered non-verbal mimicry  and couples who experience this feel more attuned to one another and bonded. As well, when we’re exercising we’re sweating, our heart-rate speeds up , and we get shortness of breath – mimicking the symptoms of romantic attraction, falling in love all over again.


So why not begin working out with your partner today?


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