Screen Detox

When was  the last time you sat with a partner or a friend without connecting to digital screens or devices? When was the last time you disconnected yourself from all social media?


Did you know that according to The Globe and Mail the average person spends about 8 hours a day exposed to screens such as smart phones, computers, and televisions? While Canada’s  youth spend an average 6 hours a day on their screens. Everywhere you go you see people walking with  their faces glued to screens. How often do you see a couple or a group of friends at a restaurant, each busy with a device instead of speaking to each other. You see young children spending hours playing video games when they are supposed to be playing with their friends at the park. We are now more connected to our phones than we are to the people in our lives. If you want to commit to a change then a digital detox will be a great habit to start today.


Give the following examples a try:


  1. 1. Add some digital-free family time to your dining table, it is a great habit for the whole family including your kids.


  1. 2. Instead of sending a text message to your friends, plan a gathering.


  1. 3. Try shutting off all devices for 15-20 minutes a day for some self-visualisation.


  1. 4. Leave your cell phone at home and go out for a walk with a friend.


  1. 5. Try to detox every night for a set time. For example after 8:00 p.m. you can put your cell phone on Airplane mode until next morning.


  1. 6. Another good advice is to keep your cell phone or any electronic device out of the bedroom and buy yourself a standard alarm clock (a water alarm is a great choice).


  1. 7. Have a longer detox (at least 24 hours), this might be challenging for some people due to work purposes. Weekends and vacations are a good opportunity to try this.


When you start to be more social, you will realize how important is to connect with people. Your relationships will improve and you will realize what really matters.


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By: Amneh Chehadi