Exercise and Younger Looking Skin


Put down the anti-wrinkle cream and pick up the weights! There has been an increased link to exercise and younger looking (and feeling) skin. Doctors and nutritionists have long rallied the positive effect of exercise but can that extend to younger looking skin? Science says yes.

In a study completed in 2014 at McMaster University, a group of 40 year-olds were found to have skin that microscopically looked 20 years younger than their actual age. The reason? Those studied had a moderate to vigorous exercise schedule, which, led to more elasticity and suppleness in the skin. Microscopically meaning exercise lead to a thickening of the dermis, which softened the look of wrinkles.

In an article written by the CBC, Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky who conducted the study also found that introducing exercise to those 65 years or older also had microscopically younger looking skin.

More recently, a British study conducted on cyclists (some up to 79 years-old) had the same healthy muscle and immune system as 30 year-old’s who didn’t exercise. In that same study, scientists also found that regular exercise slowed down the aging process of the immune system.

In an article written by NBC, the researchers state that “we conclude that maintained physical activity in to middle and old age protects against many aspects of immune aging which are in large part lifestyle-driven.”

Forget the Botox and call your trainer.