Explore Canada’s Natural Landmarks

Explore Canada’s Natural Landmarks

In honour of Canada’s 150th birthday/anniversary, InsideOut has compiled 150 personal ways to live healthier. We’re calling it the “Countdown to 150 Ways To Live Healthier”. To generate this sizable list we’ve appealed to our community of experts and everyday folks asking them to share what it is that’s helps them feel “most healthy” (mind and body) in their life. It’s really their “secret” to living better! The resulting list reveals a wide-ranging list of insightful/powerful tips. An awesome 150 tips for ways to live healthier inside and out, to be counted down in honour of Canada’s 150th birthday. We will be releasing this final list over a period of 15 weeks that will officially launch on Canada Day! Before we dive into the many ideas behind healthy living, we should first identify, how living in Canada (one of the great nations internationally) affords us the privilege of so many basic necessities that often we take for granted!
To begin, Jonathan discusses Canada’s natural landmarks.

It’s Canada’s 150th birthday! What better way to celebrate Canada’s birthday than to showcase the majestic splendor of our very own natural landmarks.

Canada has natural outdoor landmarks that are free of pollution and harmful electromagnetic fields. Spending time in these types of environments is good for your health.

Let’s take a look at some of these landmarks!

Elora Gorge

Just north of Kitchener-Waterloo, the Elora Gorge Conservation Area is a great place for river tubing and swimming.

Banff National Park

Banff National Park is located in Alberta, west of Calgary, at the border of the Rocky Mountains.  The mountains are majestic and the lake is great for canoeing and swimming.


If you spend an excessive amount of time viewing the screen, and want to relax your sore eyes, come to the Banff National Park and enjoy the view.

Ontario Trail System


For those who enjoy small adventures or long hikes. Any of these beautiful trails throughout Ontario will surely satiate one’s yearning for wildlife and scenery . These trails are also great for hiking and nordic pole walking.


Not only will you get a good workout, you will get exposed to organic electromagnetic fields. Organic electromagnetic fields restore the nervous systems functions, along with building good mental health.


Take a walk in one of Ontario’s trails. They are nature’s own anti-depressant!

Newfoundland & Labrador


Newfoundland & Labrador has valleys and terrain free of urban pollution. The landscape has a vast terrain for you to hike over. If you like hiking or have a taste for extreme sports, you must visit Newfoundland and Labrador.


Without exposure from urban electromagnetic fields, you will feel more relaxed.


The simplicity of the landscape makes it pleasing to look at. It is great for your mental health.


Newfoundland and Labrador can be accessed by plane or VIA Rail.

Nahanni National Park Reserve, Northwest Territories


Don’t forget the Northwest Territories, especially Nahanni National Park Reserve.


This location in the deep north is perfect for unseen sights and really getting out there.


Explore the grand valleys of the Nahanni National Park Reserve, right at the heart of the Northwest Territories.


The splashing waters of the grand Virginia Falls produces a rainbow. Who would want to miss that sight?


Jump into the Rabbitkettle Hotsprings for some relaxation. Afterwards you can even mess around with the pure organic clay in the area.


The Nahanni National Park Reserve is an excellent source of nature’s electromagnetic fields You will feel a sense of flow when you arrive there.


-Written by Jon Cheung