Healing Essential Oils at the InsideOut Fall Retreat

As people increasingly turn to homoeopathic and alternative medicines, essential oils are a great option for healing a variety of mental, emotional, and spiritual issues.


That’s why we’re excited to have Lisa Deokaran at our upcoming November 10th Fall Retreat.  Lisa is a Certified Essential Oil Coach (accredited by the Associate of Drugless Practitioners), Reiki Healer and EFT Coach.


Lisa knows the powers of alternative healing firsthand.  After giving birth to her son she went through a dramatic health condition called Topical Steroid Withdrawal (or Red Skin Syndrome) which left her in a constant state of pain as she suffered from insomnia, depression, skin shedding and uncontrollable itching.  Although she went to several doctors, including allergists and dermatologists, the best they could do was to write a prescription for the same medication that caused her condition to develop in the first place.


This is how her career in healing began.  Although she had always been passionate about health and wellness, this painful, life-changing experience lead her to the world of holistic treatments, organic foods, supplementation and spiritual development. As her knowledge blossomed, the strength of her affinity for healing essential oils, reiki and the emotional freedom technique led not just to her overcoming her skin condition, but to becoming a practitioner.


Through her company Celebrate Essential Oils, she offers alternative wellness options to treat people with health issues, knowing that her therapies will help because they worked for her.


When she’s not advocating for her patients,  Lisa spends time with her family and loves to read, meditate, exercise and practice yoga.  She continues to educate herself every day to empower herself and her clients.


For more information on our Fall Retreat, click here.


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