Healthy Halloween

Healthy Halloween!

Are healthy treats for Halloween an oxymoron?


If you’ve been supporting a healthy low-sugar diet for your kids (bravo!) the scariest thing about Halloween just might be the post- Trick or Treat candy binge starring processed sugar, artificial ingredient, and preservatives.   If you don’t want to send mixed signals to your kids about healthy habits, but still want to maintain the fun of Halloween, here’s our pick for healthier alternatives:


Organic Lollipops – Check out your local Bulk Barn or Health Food store.


Raisins – Natures best candy.


Small toys – Scary rings, glow sticks, temporary tattoos, little coloring books. There’s a reason you love bargain stores


Mini versions of classic candy – If all else fails, and you’ve got to go store-bought, scale it down. One mini Tootsie Roll never hurt anyone.


Now about your costume…


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