It’s That Time of Year Again

I golf because it’s an escape from the hustle and bustle of work and school and there’s nothing like watching the sunrise as you hit your first drive of the day. On the other hand, golf can feel like the most frustrating and pointless sport in the world, until you hit that one good shot.


It’s for one simple reason we are crazy enough to chase a little white ball around in the cold, rain or heat for five plus hours a day. It’s in pursuit of that one good shot I made in my last round. That perfect drive I may hit on the 18th hole or that 30 foot putt I drained on the 3rd hole.  


In many ways, Mark Twain is correct in saying that “Golf is a good walk spoiled”. But I would gladly spoil my walk for another crack at hitting that one good shot. With golf season right around the corner, I encourage you to dig your clubs out of the abyss you threw them in a long time ago and find your one magical and memorable shot. If you don’t own clubs, don’t worry, there’s no need to buy a $1000 set of clubs. You can simply borrow clubs from the driving range or golf course.


Without getting too technical, here are some tips to make life a little easier and more fun around the course.


If it’s your first time on the driving range or golf course and someone offers you some tips, tell them thank you and then forget everything they told you. The only tip you need is to just try and hit the ball and not worry about where it goes. Besides, it can be fun yelling “fore”.


Sometimes you can trick someone into thinking you hit a good shot by nailing your follow through. I like to practice my facial expressions and poses in front of the mirror so I’m ready for game day. It can’t hurt to talk to the ball while in flight either (ex. C’mon ball, get down!).


When you hit a bad shot, shake it off like Taylor Swift and start thinking about the next one. Tiger Woods used to follow the “Ten Yard Rule”, meaning he had ten yards after a bad shot to get as mad as he wanted too (or throw/ break whatever he wanted). After those ten yards, he had to focus on the next shot.


Visualize the shot in your head, imagine seeing yourself hitting the ball onto the green or the ball rolling into the hole. Close your eyes if you have to. Just remember to open them again once you swing.  


Play from the front tees, or at least tee it forward. Don’t allow yourself to be intimidated by your fellow golfers or feel the need to show off (as tempting as it may be). No one will see you as more cool if it takes you three shots just to get to the front tees. You’ll have more fun and feel more accomplished by avoiding the back tees. This goes for experienced golfers too.


Ok I lied, here’s a couple technical tips.


When addressing the ball, make a note of where your feet are pointing. The reason you may have put three balls in the same water hazard is because you were aiming there. If you have to, use your club to see where your feet are pointing.

There’s is no need to raise your backside really high in the air or completely straighten your arms. You’re not twerking, you’re golfing. Don’t be afraid to bend your knees and elbows a little bit. There’s also no need to take the golf club so far back that it’s parallel with your body. Take it back as far as you can go without pulling every muscle in your body.


Proper swing form will come naturally with practice. The most important things to remember are to approach the game with a positive attitude and have fun. Grab a friend and hit the links this spring, eventually nice weather will come I can promise you that.


By Connor Clamont


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