Are there days where you don’t want to go the gym? Are there days where you get wrapped up in your training’s end results, beating yourself up about not working ‘hard enough’?


We all experience strong emotions or feelings around exercise. It is important to remember that physical fitness becomes easier when we begin to enjoy the process.




Viewing exercise as the end goal is extremely motivating, but learning to enjoy the process creates healthy habits. Enjoying the process allows physical activity to become a lifelong priority, drastically increasing the sustainability of our habit.

Next time you find yourself in a state where just not feeling it, or begin to doubt yourself during your workout, try to change your perspective. Simply telling yourself “ Yes I you can get through it!”, has a strong effect on the brain. According to a study on self-esteem and physical activity, using a combination of the two leads to positive self-evaluation or in other words confidence.




We often overlook the importance of being open to various forms of exercise. There are tons of ways to get fit and be active, from walking, to weightlifting, hiking, yoga, crossfit and more. Limiting ourselves to one repetitive form of exercise can get boring, leading to a loss in interest in both exercise and our goals.


Being open to new forms of exercise allows us to explore our physicality and grow in our fitness journeys. Shake it up and try a new form of exercise to refocus your goals a foster your healthy habits.

Remember it’s all about enjoying what you’re doing in the present. Learning to the enjoy the process will make it easier to self-motivate, grow, and reach your physical goals.