Lost and Found in Lymphomaland

Aviva Rubin is an ex-health policy analyst, who was diagnosed with marginal zone lymphoma in 2013.


Her book, Lost and Found in Lymphomaland is not the memoir anyone wants to write.  But anyone who has been recently diagnosed with a cancer-related illness will be grateful that she has.  Aviva turns the difficult topic of her lymphoma diagnosis and treatment into an insightful, heartbreaking and humorous exploration of experiencing and surviving cancer.   This isn’t a book just for those facing cancer, but also for their friends and family to understand the journey firsthand.


According to author Robert Bausch, “This little book is beautifully written. It is courageous and encouraging.  Aviva Rubin is honest, poetic, and fully engaging. At times it is funny; it is also harrowing and enlightening. I admire this writers’ ability to get at the heart of some very complex interiors and to put into words such depth of feeling and awareness in the face of fear and uncertainty. Anyone who is in love with life will treasure this book. It is a positive triumph.”


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InsideOut’s Barry Samuel interviewed Aviva Rubin at a recent Lymphoma Canada event. Check out her amazing positivity! Truly inspirational.