The New Year’s resolution – almost half of us make them, but only about 10 per cent of us keep them. So what is it about New Year’s resolutions that just doesn’t stick and how do we create long-lasting intentions? Here’s five tips to stay on track with your New Year’s resolutions:

Get Accountability

Whether it is quitting smoking, eating healthier, or getting fit, having a friend, a partner or a family member by your side to keep you accountable can help you reach your resolution. Better yet, get together with someone who has the same goals as you! Barry H. Samuel, fitness & health guru says “It’s great to always have someone there who can push you a little further, and a little harder than you would normally push yourself. And if you can’t get a friend on board, a personal trainer is a great option when you’re looking for accountability.”


Surround yourself with people who inspire you and who push you to do better. Your buddy should be a positive force in your life!

Make it Achievable
Yes you may want to solve world hunger, or even world peace and although it’s an awesome idea, it may be a tad unreachable in theory. Instead of your resolution being large and not measurable, start with something smaller and tangible. For instance volunteering at your local food kitchen or pet shelter are actions that have tremendously effective results. Barry said “look at your resolutions and think to yourself, is this what I really want or am I creating a resolution that just sounds good on paper but doesn’t really pan out in reality? Make your goal achievable in it’s actions so you can make it a reality.”

Change up your Perspective

Dwelling on things you haven’t accomplished yet does not help you get closer to your goals. “Use the New Years as a time to reflect on the things you want to accomplish instead of beating yourself up for not doing it yet,” says Barry. Allow yourself the time and space to achieve your goals. Avoid placing unnecessary pressure on yourself by changing your perspective to a positive one.  

Don’t Give Up

It’s really easy to become distracted or bored from our resolution. Sometimes we get caught up in life and the promises we make to ourselves take the back seat. “ I see it a lot. Clients who sign up to jump start their new year and get healthy, only to lose the excitement when March rolls around,” Barry explained. Make it stick by planning benchmarks. “Instead of saying something like I want to lose 10 pounds now! Try – I want to lose 50 pounds over five months, averaging between 5-10 pounds a month. This way it becomes more achievable and you’re looking at the whole picture.” Avoid becoming overwhelmed or losing sight of your resolution and instead create a long-term plan to puts things into perspective.

Believe in Yourself

We all get it from time-to-time. That persistent voice in our head telling us that we cannot succeed or to give up. As we’ve written before, gratitude is an amazing motivational tool. “Think about the last time you said something mean to yourself, would you talk to your friends like that? We are often quick to offer praise to others, but seldom to ourselves,” Barry said. So try it out! Give yourself the kindness and compliments you deserve.


Although the elusive New Year’s promise can appear pointless (when not kept), using these tips can keep you aligned with your goals allowing you to stay on track. “Sit down and create a plan. This plan can keep you in check.  Even go further to create weekly goals, so your promises don’t seem large and daunting,” Barry reminded us. Making goal-setting a habit has tremendous effects on our outlook on life: gaining clearer focus, alleviating stress and allowing us to use our time better.  

When setting intentions, crafting goals or creating a plan remember to get accountability, make your goals achievable, change up your perspective, don’t give up and always believe in yourself! At InsideOut Health + Wellness we are committed to guiding our clients on their journey , combining discipline, goal setting, and habit formation, allowing our clients to grow to reach their full potential, discovering their personal best self.