Nutritional Counselling

Nutritional Counselling

• Are you the type of person that always skips breakfast?
• Trying to lose some weight?
• Do you tend to skip meals frequently everyday?
• Think your diet could use some improvement?
• Want to learn how to “eat clean”?
• Are you trying to get back to your “fighting weight” with those rock hard abs?
• InsideOut Health + Fitness offers nutritional counselling for individual needs.

Make an appointment with our nutritionists.

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You can talk to our excellent Nutritionists about things such as:
• A personalized healthy eating plan
• Your body weight
• Vegetarian or vegan diets
• Optimal Sport Performance
• Healthy eating on a budget and learning fresh, new recipes
• Better food choices
• Special diets for certain health conditions
• Cleansing or detoxifying
Other services offered
• Presentations on any nutritional topic
• Cooking demonstrations and classes
• Grocery Store Tour (to buy or not to buy, that is the question)
• Quick Fix: Nutritional Advice over the phone or skype


  • 1 Hour $85 + Tax
  • 3 Consultations (1 Hour Each) $275
  • 5 Consultations- $425
  • 10 Consultations- $825