Our Approach

Sweaty weights, line-ups for machines, wading through people to get a spot for that exercise class… Does this sound unappealing to you? Gyms can be intimidating, especially if it has been a while since your last visit. Since 2005 InsideOut has offered a quiet, safe and personalized workout environment motivating you to reach your optimal health goals.




To empower and build healthier lives for our clients, leading them to their full potential and best self.

Why InsideOut?

Every gym offers equipment, but at InsideOut Health + Fitness you get clarity, structure, accountability and personalization to your health routine. We take the time to listen and find out exactly what you would like to accomplish. Then we build a plan around those goals to give you the most effective fitness training sessions possible to generate the best outcome.

By limiting the number of clients in the studio at any given time, you get the total focus and dedication of your trainer. Whether you’ve never been to a gym or you are a seasoned veteran, we make sure that you will feel welcome and leave feeling better than ever before.

InsideOut Core Values


The studio is home to a number of amazing health and fitness experts and masters, who empower their clients to reach their full potential.

Holistic Approach

Supporting lifelong healthy habits begins with an approach to wellness, balancing the body and mind. Our holistic philosophy ensures our clients become confident from the inside out.

Client Focused

We focus on you as an individual. Each program is tailored to you, bringing clarity, structure and accountability to your health routine.

Fun & Rewarding

Why is everyone so serious when they exercise? For us exercise is a part of life; fun, engaging and rewarding, not a drag. We want our clients to blossom and grow, while looking forward to getting healthy with us.


Don’t let your past limit your future.  We combine discipline, goal setting, and habit formation, allowing our clients to grow to reach their full potential, discovering their personal best self.


Our drive is to serve our community and its members. Through charitable events, or raising awareness for a cause, we are always finding ways to enrich the lives of those living within our community.