Fitness + Wellness School Programs

Our programs are designed and tailored for the needs of each individual school. We have worked with grade schools, highschools, and major Universities alike with programs including time-slotted sessions in a classroom or assemblies in the gym. We also program comprehensive day-long activities that can be both fun and educational for the students.

Nutritional Seminars

Seminars are 45min-1.5 hours in length. Sample topics can include: basic nutrition and awareness of balanced foods to complement a healthy diet, why we crave particular foods, tips on how to avoid overeating, foods that can help to increase brain activity and ways to improve overall health. As well, nutrition through the lifespan – how nutrition habits ingrained now will be beneficial throughout adulthood, the impact of nutrition on the body and the benefits of good nutrition in reducing risks of disease/illness.

Programs include Healthy Juicing and Recipes: Introduction to experiential learning and appreciation for the nutrients and ingredients that go into healthy eating. Getting creative with fun, easy recipes!

Youth Leadership & Empowerment

Features inspirational messages on character development and pursuing your passion! Themes of teamwork, healthy values, listening, empathy and respect are woven into these interactive activities.

Body Image

Body image is an increasingly important topic for youth. Topics include personal confidence, social support and inner beauty. The presentation is tailored to your particular interests, but typically covers a positive and educational view of self-esteem, body image and media unrealistic portrayal of what is healthy.

Mental & Emotional Health

Educational sessions to raise students’ awareness of mental health and illness and reduce associated stigmas and misconceptions.

Teen Boot Camp

Engaging youth in team-oriented fitness activities to cultivate creative, physical movements and games involving fun exercise.


Discussion and awareness about empathy and sensitivity issues to break down stereotyping and discrimination. Provoking conversation and first-person accounts of how to deal with peer group bullies. Class interaction and sharing may also be encouraged.

We always welcome the opportunity to offer programs that serve to educate and inspire our youth. With a central mission of encouraging healthy habits well into adulthood, we offer various health and wellness topics in the Ontario Curriculum to help schools fill in the gaps.


—InsideOut Health + Fitness