Sensible and Simple Tips: Stay Healthy + Minimize Weight Gain During The Holidays

Let’s start with our first two quick tips and substitutions to minimize weight gain during the holidays: Water intake (don’t drink calories) and limiting alcohol!


The holidays are a great time to connect with loved ones. It’s also a time to enjoy deliciously warm, fatty comfort foods and drink copious amounts of alcohol. Sadly because of all the sweet and savory food and beverage options, this also becomes the time of year for weight gain. And even though we’re told to be merry and cheery, we are still faced with stresses, like ensuring we get that perfect gift, holiday shopping through mobs and crowds and attending festivities with those in-laws (you know who they are). As a result many of us turn to food as an easy option to relieve the stress and end up gaining weight. Here are some initial steps to be taken to avoid the downward holiday spiral.


Water Intake: One of the most effective ways to minimize weight gain is drinking water before meals. This magic trick (not really magic), not only tricks your brain into thinking you’re fuller, but water particles attach themselves to food particles making the food appear larger in volume to your stomach (making you fuller), but adding no caloric intake.


Another way to avoid the weight gain is by substituting water for sugary beverages (yes we are also talking about wine and beer). Calories from beverages on average amount to 90-200 calories per 250ml portion. Although this may not appear like a lot, these calories accumulate when ingesting large amounts of food. It’s really easy to lose track of calories obtained through drinking beverages, which result in weight gain.


Limiting Alcohol Consumption: Alcohol consumption over the holidays is one of biggest contributing factors to weight gain. A gram of alcohol is equal to 7kcal, which is more than a gram from carbohydrates or proteins! And we’re not telling you to cut out alcohol completely, as we understand the holidays and drinking sometimes go hand-in-hand. With this said, alcohol can be consumed, but within a limit. Calorie-wise, consuming alcoholic beverages wisely is a great way of minimizing calorie accumulation. But remember, don’t go overboard. Portion control and avoiding binge drinking is a great way to reduce the calories accumulated during the holidays.


Stay tuned for more Healthy Holiday Tips!


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