How To Survive the Holiday office Party

How To Survive The Office Holiday Party


It’s that time of the year again….It’s Christmas & Holiday Party season! Whether you have one coming up or you’re like the many people that have multiple this season, sometimes we feel it the next day. If you’re unlucky enough and have to head to work the following day (shout out to mid-week Christmas parties…I have one on Wednesday), then I feel you. Fortunately, there are a couple things you can do when you prepping yourself for your Christmas party.

Day Of the Party

Eat your greens

Have a smoothie, a green juice, a salad, your supplements, etc. B vitamin deficiency leads to a hangover, so making sure you have your greens is a good way to make sure you are loading up on your B vitamins! Greens also contain chlorophyll, which helps protect your liver from excess alcohol.


Fat and Proteins

Further to this….get in your fats and protein! We are all aware that drinking on an empty stomach is a big no-no. But in addition to that, drinking after eating a bag of potato chips isn’t really going to get you very far either. Some examples of a great pre-party meal that could contain plenty of fat and protein would be:

  • avocado on toast
  • oatmeal with peanut or almond butter and some berries
  • a burger

These foods will get you prepared for the day/night ahead.


While you’re drinking:

WATER… Make sure to drink enough water! I try to go one for one. Everytime I am pouring myself a new drink or grabbing one from the bar, I make sure to grab myself a glass of water as well.



Instead of painkillers, it is a good idea to drink some water and then have some food. Your headache is most likely due to dehydration, low blood sugar and deficiency of vitamins and minerals (especially b12), so you will need to replenish and eat some nourishing food. An egg McMuffin and a hashbrown are certainly going to make your heart feel better, but it’s not going to supply you with all the nutrients that you need (and have lost) after a night of drinking (and maybe not eating the best foods).

Your best bet is to try having a yummy smoothie (or buy a green vegetable juice) while you’re getting ready for work and then grab an egg McMuffin on your way in!

Lemon water with a pinch of salt

This helps to flush out toxins and will replenish the electrolytes you have lost. You can also add some honey for some much needed glucose and energy.

B vitamins

Like I said, a deficiency can lead to hangover. A smoothie, juice, and B complex supplements are all great.

Dandelion tea (health food store)

Dandelion tea helps with liver detoxification. This is especially good if you are going to be taking painkillers. Green tea is also great as it is full of antioxidants.


So, what to eat the next day??

  1. Smoothie (half a banana, 2 handfuls of spinach, handful of mango & tbsp chia/flax seeds or coconut yogurt, topped up with water). This will provide protein, fiber, fat, B vitamins, and stabilize blood sugar.
  2. Oats with some butter, almond butter or peanut butter will stabilize your blood sugar, improve mood and fight anxiety.
  3. Guacamole with cilantro and tomatoes with some crackers will help to calm the stomach, provide electrolytes and aid in detoxing.
  4. Full fat or coconut yogurt with banana and nuts and some honey or maple syrup on top.
  5. My favourite thing to do (and what keeps me sane), is I try to have some greens like raw or sauteed spinach or kale along with eggs, bacon and a hashbrown or two (depending on how I feel).



I love to take activated charcoal tablets if I feel a little bit too hungover. They are amazing. Charcoal pulls out toxins and all of the baddies you want out of you. You can get them at your local health food store (I find the tablets easier than the powder).

By Haley Knox, InsideOut Nutritionist


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