Three Pillars of Canadian Privilege

The Three Pillars of Canadian Privilege

(The Big 150 Countdown – Healthy Living from the Inside Out)

Did you know Canada got it’s name from a Saint-Lawrence Iroquoian word kanata meaning for village or land? To mark this miraculous + unique country’s 150th birthday, InsideOut Health + Fitness has compiled a powerful and exciting group of carefully selected ways to live healthier just for you. 150 in all! Fittingly, we’ve named it, the Canada 150 Countdown to “150 Ways To Live Healthier!”. To generate this sizable list, we’ve appealed to our amazing community of experts and everyday folks asking them to share what it is that helps them feel “the most healthy” (mind and body) in their life. It’s really their little “secret” to living better!

The resulting list reveals a wide-range of insightful tips. 150 tips to live healthier inside and out—to be counted down in celebration of Canada’s sesquicentennial.

We will be gradually releasing this final list over a period of 15 weeks that will officially launch on Canada Day!

Before we dive into the many ideas behind healthy living, we should first identify how living in Canada (one of the great nations, internationally) affords us the privilege of so many basic necessities that often we take for granted! To begin, Thomas discusses how the three main reasons why living in Canada allows us to flourish as healthy individuals who are enabled to strive to our full life potential!

What makes living in Canada such a privilege? This is a question that can create hours of lengthy discussion. Subjects such as access to jobs, education, healthcare, safety and proper water sanitation can all be brought up. However, this article will dive into three core concepts that separate living in Canada in the twenty first century from other parts of the world. These three concepts are spare time, opportunity and freedom of choice.

First let us examine the concept of spare time. At first glance the idea of spare time may not seem powerful. Nevertheless, it is the foundation of privilege many Canadians have. In other parts of the world people have their hands full, barely managing to fulfill basic needs such as food, water, shelter and safety. Due to the harsh struggles of fulfilling even the most basic of physiological needs, people in less privileged parts of the world cannot pursue their dreams. Living in Canada, all our physiological and safety needs are usually met in a consistent manner. This creates spare time that gives us the chance to grow as individuals mentally, emotionally and physically.

Spare time on its own cannot create growth and fulfilment. One also has to have the second core concept which is opportunity. One can have spare time, but opportunity must be present in order to fill that spare time. In Canada we are blessed with the opportunity to receive high quality education, employment, social services and countless luxuries to enjoy. These opportunities allow us to make the most of our lives and to grow in the direction that we desire. Here in Canada we are presented with the opportunities needed to pursue our goals, ambitions and dreams.


The third core concept is freedom of personal choice. In Canada everyone has freedom of choice and is equal under the law. Canadians often take this for granted, but millions of people in less privileged countries do not have freedom of choice. This is the most empowering of the three concepts because it places the most freedom and responsibility on each and every individual. Here in Canada people have spare time and plentiful opportunity, but at the end of the day each and every individual makes choices on what they want to do with their time and their lives. Canadians are privileged to live in a country in which they can grow mentally, emotionally and physically. Ambitions can include going to the gym to become healthier and happier, building meaningful relationships with those around us, pursuing a fulfilling careers, and last, but not least giving back to the community and helping those that are less fortunate. Here in Canada people can grow and live meaningful and fulfilling lives both inside and out!


Canada is 150! Show us how you choose to exercise your freedom, utilize your spare time, and take advantage of opportunities when it comes to your health. Send your healthy living tips to


By: Thomas Stuglik



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