Why Happy is Healthy for 2019

With a seemingly endless list of things we should be doing to become healthier, making New Year’s fitness resolutions can seem daunting.


That’s why we loved this BBC story on easy ways to add health and happiness to your life.  Put them together and they represent a simple strategy for lifelong mental and physical wellbeing.   Not just new year’s resolutions, but the kind of strategies you can live with all year long.


Focus on your mind: According to Dr. Nadine Sammy, associate lecturer for sport and exercise sciences at the University of Exeter, we should be focusing on improving our minds by building self-awareness.  Once we can recognize and understand our emotions better, we are on a path to jump-starting our mental and physical well being.


Adopt a dog:  Mental and physical healthy benefits can be derived from this.   Just two 30 minute walks daily will boost your activity long-terem, plus you get the emotional benefits of dog adoption.  Plus you get outdoor time which has proven mental health benefits.


Get your 30 a week:   Aim for at 30 different plant-based foods weekly.  A plant-hearty diet will help your good gut bacteria flourish, and may help alleviate allergies, obesity, inflammatory bowel disease,  and even depression.


Smile more often:  This one’s our favourite.  Why not make it one of your resolutions this year? With a goal of trying to be happier, that happiness may just help you stick to your other resolutions. How do you achieve this?  Pick one thing that always makes you smile, and make it a daily fixture in your life.  A workout.  Time with a book.  Flowers.  Whatever brings a smile to your face – do it more often!


Get your sleep:  Even mild sleep deprivation can result in poor cognitive function. Don’t forget to avoid caffeine and shut off electronic devices an hour before you hit the sack.  The way you feel the next morning just might bring a smile to your face.


Inspired? Read the rest of the story here.